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It’s Time for a 60+ Revolution in the Blogging World

Before jumping on the blogging bandwagon I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours “Doing My Homework” checking out the blogging world. Here are just a few of my findings insofar as arts & crafts, cooking, homemaking, table designs, weddings, raising a family, and organizing blogs and bloggers are concerned:

  • most are written by women under 50 years old. This is generally speaking, of course–there are always exceptions.
  • most blog daily with weekends off or just a bare bones post.
  • most of these bloggers according to their blogs have busy lives that includes husbands, kids, jobs, and community activities.
  • all of the blogs include fabulous photographs.
  • some of the bloggers make money blogging–they advertise shops [Etsy, eBay, etc.] where they sell their tools, paint, books–they get free stuff from retailers to blog about their products–they get speaking engagements in which their travel and expenses are paid, plus they get paid!

So, my thinking goes like this–I’m a retired 60+ year old wife, Mother, and Grandmother–with a few brain cells remaining! When I compare my list to the above it looks like this:

  • I’m a female [over 50, though]
  • Not sure I can blog daily due to the demands of my 3 sons and 6 grandchildren, plus my Hardworking Husband’s 4 children and 16 grandchildren–let’s see that 7 children and 22 grandchildren! However, due to the change in my sleeping habits this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • I continue to have a busy life that revolves around family, community, and church activities.
  • I own a nice camera.
  • I already have an eBay shop and an Amazon shop–that should count for something! No glitzy book, though. And no retailers have sought me out to give me their stuff. The reason that I’ve even mentioning this is that I need FOLLOWERS–that would be YOU! I need you to tell EVERYBODY you know about Life in the Afternoon. Especially those in the over 60+ age group! Do you know of a 60+ woman who is successfully doing her own thing but doesn’t have a blog? Let me know about her, okay? Does she have an eBay storefront, an Amazon store, or just creating her heart out in your community–they simply don’t have the skills to create their own blog or the money to pay to have one created for them. Please send me a quick note and I’ll do the rest. I’d like to highlight these creative women at Life in the Afternoon! See the Comment Form at the end of this post to send me your story or the story of a friend or neighbor that you’d like to see on Life in the Afternoon.
  • I’d love to enhance my retirement income–which right now is zero–by blogging! My Hardworking Husband insists we live like paupers now, so I can reap the Social Security benefits windfall that will supposedly come my way when and if I live to my 70th birthday. I’m sure that there will be more about this later.

I just got my first like before I had a chance to make a few revisions–yeah–she tells me that her Mom is her hero! That’s the sweetest thing ever–I sure hope that I’ve lived a life that my children would want to say that about me! Come on now, don’t be shy–be the first!

Finally, I haven’t a clue where this blog is going to lead me over the course of the next few months. What I do know is that with God’s amazing grace for a sinner like me coupled with a desire to finish well by helping others achieve their goals and glorify God through this blog then I think I’m well on my way to living life in the afternoon at its best!